New build sale
Lapis lazuli Heerhugowaard

Modern living on the town square in Heerhugowaard - 94 owner-occupied homes in the center

How do we position this new apartment building in Heerhugowaard? How do we ensure a smooth sale of the owner-occupied apartments in the private sector and the renting out of the homes in the social rental sector?

Client: Construction company De Nijs
project type: New build sale
Scope: 94 owner-occupied homes in the center


Brightlot developed a concept and style and built a 'pre-sale' website to introduce the project to the market. Data has been collected via the website and e-mail in order to provide advice in collaboration with Wooove about future sales and rentals, but also the option to sell the building in its entirety to a fund.

Sales stage

In the second phase, a sales plan was written and implemented: online and offline campaigns (Google Ads, social media and newspaper advertisements), a construction board on location and a sales website with housing selector linked to NieuwbouwOffice. In addition, Brightlot has developed resources for the sales event, consisting of a sales brochure and information panels. The sale of the project was carried out in collaboration with Wooove and Broekman brokers.

The resources:

  • Naming & project style
  • Online campaign Google Ads and Social Media
  • Offline campaign regional print ads
  • Project website including home finder and link to NieuwbouwOffice
  • Sales brochure
  • Sales event

The result:

The result was that after the registration period all homes could be allocated and that almost all homes were sold after a few months.

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