Mitros sells

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From 2013, Stefan de Kock has been involved in profiling Mitros' sales department. Literally, social landlord Mitros has called into the market that homes will also be sold. With slogans like 'Hey you there, Mitros sells to you too!' we successfully introduced the 'Mitrosselling' brand.

Client: Mitros
project type: New look and feel

New look and feel MitrosSold

After the introduction campaign, Mitros has made a transformation in the past year and the brand has matured. New look and feel and tone of voice with the aim of highlighting Mitros' quality and personal service.

Purchase Priority

To promote circulation in the housing market, Mitros gives priority to its own tenants when selling homes that release social rental homes. These homes are offered for 2 weeks exclusively through the MitrosVerkoopt and as a tenant of Mitros you have priority over a Mitros owner-occupied home. In addition, this is communicated through advertisements on the house itself and through offer email.


When introducing MitrosVerkoopt, we used a wide range of online and offline resources. From trotters in the city (with which we even made it to '') to online campaigns. Sales signs on the homes, dynamic retargeting campaign, targeting through social media, Google AdWords and Display Advertising.

Social media
We use fixed sections for Mitros' social media channels. For example, we have 'Green? Just do it!' invented. Every week we give a sustainability tip with which we encourage tenants and buyers of Mitros to live more sustainably.