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Where words stop, music speaks.
Duet is a harmony of three companies: Brightlot, Timpaan and Xitres.
We have bundled our creativity into a special project, where the enthusiastic Venneper and all other Dutch people can live with pride. What makes this project special and how did it come about?

Good to know

Duet is a residential project that is being built in the center of Nieuw Vennep. It promises to be a special project, with an interesting vision for the future for starters looking for their own place. Because more young adults are coming, the center will become more and more bustling. 42 sustainable 2-room apartments are being built.

To work

This project is extra unique because Brightlot had a lot of input. Together with Timpaan, we devised a strategy to give the project an identity. A strategy that translates the special elements of these starter homes into something that lives. I'd love to take you through the process. There are two historic trees on the spot where Duet was built. These white chestnuts are a proud part of Nieuw Vennep and have therefore been designated a monument. The two will also color the view of the new residents in Duet. Maybe you can already sense where the name Duet comes from. The trees did not play the only leading role, the shopping center opposite the project also played a role in the decision on the name. The shopping center is an essential part of the growing city center and is called Symphony.

A theme was immediately born from this: Music. A creative piece of music from two individuals working together, just like Brightlot and Tympanum. This also applies directly to the building Duet yourself. If you look closely at the design, you will notice that it concerns two buildings that have been merged. Xitres will take care of the construction of the website.

🎵 “Sweet home New Vennep” 🎵

What does Brightlot do?

You are probably already a little familiar with Brightlot! At least, we are of course a living legend in real estate marketing. Almost as well known as Bon Jovi, but in a different field. Slightly exaggerated? Perhaps, for that reason, I will go into more detail about what we do.

Brightlot arranges the entire marketing from A to Z. As a client, you determine what you need and what we can do for you. We can build a website for you, keep track of your socials, devise and implement both offline and online campaigns, etc. You come up with a project, we give it an identity and ensure that it reaches the right target group. We developed the design of the website for Duet. In addition, we give the project the right look and feel for the target group. We also organize the entire campaign, in collaboration with the developer. Did you know that we create a special playlist for Duet on Spotify? Everything has been thought about! So that you can feel at home in your new apartment, completely in Duet style. Because you have to feel a home, just like music.

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Located in Entrada in Amsterdam
500 Input
1114 AA Amsterdam