Volt: 130 apartments
in Delft

VOLT gives you energy

Commissioned by Amvest – and in collaboration with Wooove – Brightlot realized VOLT. The new residential hotspot, where the historic town of Delft starts a brand new chapter.

VOLT gives you energy. You live in an energetic place, close to the station and therefore ideal to travel all over the country. And of course close to all the good and fun that the city of Delft has to offer. But make no mistake, Nieuw Delft has the ambition to become the best place to live in Delft. Shops, restaurants and plenty of space to unload after a busy workday.
The sustainable building with “green” roofs helps you to use energy efficiently. The optimum insulation combined with modern installation and technology provide an A ++ energy label. If you want to recharge yourself, choose a spot in the courtyard or one of the lovely terraces in the neighborhood.