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From rental website to re-letting

Whether it concerns a large or small residential complex, as an owner you usually want your own project site for your complex and its rental. There is a lot to be said for this: on Funda,, Pararius and other supply sites you are stuck with patterns and by definition your complex experiences competition from the other supply, which is always just one click away. On the other hand, setting up your own website can be quite a job. Fortunately, there is sometimes already a rental site. What is involved in such a site and in converting it to a website for re-rental? More than fits in a short article, of course, but we'll try anyway!

The initial rental site

Logically, a project that enters the rental market for the first time does not yet have a position: no fame, no (online) history. The triangle of owner, broker(s) and real estate marketing agency usually presents a project to the market in a number of steps. Simply put, a website is launched with the first - still some brief - information, followed by an expansion with, among other things, the main types of homes and finally a phase in which candidates can indicate their preference, arrange an online or physical viewing and proceed to rent .

Buy and rent: other interests

Much larger projects are built and delivered in phases. It is often the case that the part intended for sale enters the market sooner than the part that will be rented out. As a real estate marketing agency, we try to reuse the overlapping information and files from the sales phase – such as Artists Impressions, floor plans and situation drawings – in the rental phase. That sounds a bit easier said than done. In practice, it is sometimes quite a puzzle to find the right contact person for the developer and the interests of the owner of owner-occupied properties are not necessarily in line with our interests, read: the interests of the owner of rental properties.

Further development to re-letting

This same phenomenon of a multitude of parties and interests does not play a role in the further development of a project website from first rental to re-letting. There is really something to consider, but if a rental site already exists, then it is definitely worth converting the website.

However, this is not yet standard. We have noticed that there has recently been more interest from owners and clients, but this option is not yet known to everyone. However, the market is increasingly a tenant market, especially for the higher segment, starters and care homes, and we therefore expect to see the further development of project sites more and more. There are really many advantages: you have control over the content, you can build communities, you are not tied to templates and only your offer is in the spotlight.

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