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BOO ๐Ÿ‘ป Do we have your attention? On social media it is really a huge fight to conquer it. Our social media era is characterized by content shock. There is such a huge amount of content, we can't keep up. Getting attention is the essential first step of a good social media strategy. But of course you can't start every message with a screaming ghost. How do you handle it then?

First, a little bit of expectation management. The content shock literally means that there is so much content that it can no longer be processed by us humans. Shocking, but true: making social media work, especially when we talk about organic reach, is a bit like Sisyphus. You know, that mythical figure, who has to push up a boulder as punishment from the gods. Every time the rock is up, it falls down and everything starts all over again โ€“ an impossible task.


Positive much? No, not really, but it is also becoming increasingly difficult to reach the right target group organically (so not paid). Difficult, but fortunately not impossible โ€“ we already said: a little a la Sisyphus. With the right strategy you can achieve a lot and then the question becomes: what is the right strategy?

We'll tell you in advance: it's not an easy fix. A good strategy is not about you. It's not about your product and it's not about your company. No mercy for a selfish attitude, because you will feel that on your channels. We call it "selfish" on purpose here, because that's not something you like to associate yourself with. Yet you will be amazed at how quickly we all fall into this. How quickly we are sending our offer or service, without thinking about whether someone is waiting for it. With 'selfish' we give it a label that you would like to get rid of. Tough love, but that's how we force you to think about what does work.

Social media: Don't
Stop. Of. Send. We can't make it any clearer. Just shoving your offer through people's throats, no one is waiting for that. And whether it is a strategy, that is also doubtful.

Social media: Thurs
Think about who your target audience is and what's going on with them. Knowing that will help you create content that your target audience will really find interesting. That sounds logical, but sometimes turns out to be scary in practice. It may then be that you post a post that does not directly yield you anything. You don't refer to yourself or try to sell anything. The focus is now on the indirect way to reach your goal. As soon as someone thinks: hey, that's interesting / useful / funny / fill it in, then you're good. A positive feeling is created and that is what a good strategy is all about. We can't guarantee anything, but what could happen: you get more interaction with your posts, people recommend your channel to other people, which can grow your followers and your reach, and you create an authentic and trusted feeling. As soon as you knock on the door with an offer or a service, then you are not one of those screaming ghosts that demand attention, but a familiar face. Who do you buy more quickly from?

PS Isn't using a good strategy so that you reach your goal ultimately just pure selfishness? That's another nice philosophical question for another time ;-)

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