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Do you know the mummy's joke? It is sometimes as complicated as the human brain! Yet very smart people have cracked the brain and a number of useful insights have emerged from that. You can use these insights when promoting your service/product by responding to the functioning of the human brain. In the real estate world, neuromarketing is a relatively new field. You want a potential resident to get a feeling for the project that contributes positively to the sale/rental. But how do you do that? I'll be happy to explain that to you! After this you will immediately know what we can offer you if you want to apply this in your own company.

So, what exactly is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing revolves around understanding the decision-making processes in the brain. Brain research has shown that emotions and irrational factors play an important role in decision-making. Real estate marketing can respond to this by targeting the emotions and desires of potential clients. Think, for example, of creating an emotional bond between a potential candidate and a home. A building can meet all kinds of factual conditions, but the potential tenant or buyer must have a positive association with it in order to possibly live there. Let me put it this way: the beautiful framework is there, but it still needs to be given substance to start living with a potential tenant/buyer. The product is still missing a soul, so to speak.

A concrete example

Think of a sturdy building in the middle of Amsterdam, how can you give such a building an identity? It starts with a name. As soon as something has a name, you immediately have a different relationship with it than 'building 175 on the Amstelkade'. For this blog we call the building Robust. When you think of the word Robust, you probably already associate it with a number of associations. For example, that it is sturdy and safe or tough and large. When the name Robust is born, we strengthen the positive associations with that word. We ensure that the name and the building come to life. We do this with the help of text and images. We create a cool website for the project with a matching name and logo, and start with fun storytelling about the place, the history, the destination of the building and come up with a number of fun facts. All fully geared to what the intended target group wants to hear/see/know. In addition, we pay attention to the correct use of color and we apply the right tone of voice, which also creates a brand or image. Naturally, we do this in full consultation with the client.

Evidence and sympathy

Another important aspect of neuromarketing is the use of psychological principles to influence people. Think of social proof, people tend to follow the choices of others. This is further reinforced when it comes to authorities or like-minded people. At Brightlot we can respond perfectly to like-minded people. We open the conversation and create accessibility with the target group. How? By bringing the home product to life through multiple channels. For example, with various social media campaigns where the target group can respond, like and follow. They forward content, comment and tag others. By using the right tone of voice, we strengthen the bond with interested parties. In this way, candidates get a positive association with the project.

Scarcity and urgency

Do you want to use another smart technique? Communicate scarcity on your channels!
People tend to place more value on things that are scarce. As a result, they feel an urgency, which prompts action. Large companies such as are true masters at this. If you want to book a hotel, for example, it says 'There are only 3 rooms left!' and 'Almost fully booked, make your reservation soon' or '4 other people are now also looking at this booking'. These kinds of texts make you rushed and you make an impulsive decision faster. In the case of housing, an impulsive decision is not convenient, but you can make good use of the feeling of scarcity. State on the website that there are only x number of homes available and communicate that the homes are very popular. In this way, potential buyers/tenants experience an urgency. Make sure that you use interesting figures and not 'There are only 500 homes available', because then the feeling of scarcity no longer works.

Everything gets better with time and attention. That is why we like to look at projects from all sides and we also find neuromarketing interesting. Do you also want to market your project properly? Take without obligation contact with us! We are happy to discuss what we can do for you.

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