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Too early to draw conclusions

It seems logical to shut down campaigns in this Corona time. But is that really smart? It is difficult to estimate what the COVID-19 impact on the real estate sector will be. Our big data partner Watson+Holmes recently published a nice article about it COVID-19 effect on the Dutch housing market published. But it is still early to draw conclusions. For the time being, saving the media budget is a first thought for many. 

But being invisible or less visible also has effects. For our relations, real estate professionals, we therefore consider questions such as: What does it cost and how long will it take to collect enough leads if I do nothing for now? What do tenants and buyers want to hear now? How do I stay in the attention of prospects?  But also about the question of whether event such as a start rental or sale entirely online can also be a success. And more fundamentally: Are we going to shift budget from sea to seo? Shift focus from conversion to branding? Shift media budget to content creation or website improvements? Keeping your powder dry can be smart, but more often than not it isn't. Change always brings opportunities, also in the field of real estate marketing. We have good ideas about that! So if we haven't found you yet, let us know.


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