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Inhakers: EK & Pancakes

Responding smartly to current events: in marketing language you are talking about hackers. There are even special calendars that list all holidays and events for you (the plug-in calendar). The big danger is that you go too far: for us, as a marketing agency that focuses on real estate, it makes no sense to post about the national pancake day (March 18, 2022).

But meta as we are, we still hook into the European Championship while we are talking about hookers. Football is a weekly topic of conversation at Brightlot and although the link between real estate and football is not as clear as between, for example, football and Heineken, we believe that with a creative angle you don't have to stick to your own 'subject' in black and white. Suppose we were obsessed with pancakes, then hooking up on that pancake day wouldn't be so bad after all.

Anyway, will you see enthusiastic EC messages appearing in the near future and will that make you as happy as we do? Entirely right. And do you want to know more about inhakers or other marketing tactics? You can just call us (between matches)!

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