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Real estate marketing and communication.

Real estate law; and communication.

Communication is the basis of human contact. We believe in its power. The unlimited possibilities that you can achieve with a good strategy. All our focus is on real estate marketing and communication, so that you rent and sell better. Brightlot is a 100% specialized real estate marketing agency and with a tight plan we ensure that your project counts in today's overcrowded world. We make the difference between attention and being forgotten.

Digital marketing real estate.

Real estate is what we do and that ensures laser focus. From strategy and advice to concept and development of online and offline resources, our team of creative go-getters is ready to deliver.

Identity, form and language

We create stories. Its own story and look & feel


As part of a HUB for placemaking, renting and selling real estate


Branding and lead campaigns through various channels. Strategy, development and management tight


The Brightlot team has years of experience in real estate. We feel at home with developers, builders, owners, real estate funds, brokers, managers and corporations. We understand better than anyone how you can effectively sell or rent out square meters – also internationally. Sustainability is the way to go for us.

We have already launched quite a few square meters with our network full of professionals. What are we good at? Read more about our expertise!

News and

You can read news and ideas for the rental and sale of your project in our posts and blogs.

InnovativeIn the Scaffolding

In the scaffolding: Duet

Where words stop, music speaks. Duet is a harmony of three companies: Brightlot, Timpaan and Xitres. We have bundled our creativity into a special project, where the enthusiastic Venneper and…

Healthcare real estate: new specialism

Healthcare real estate: new specialism Unfortunately, the aging population and the housing shortage come at the same time and that is not really convenient for anyone (understatement). Fortunately, we notice that more and more housing projects are being…

Our Own forest.

In addition to a passion for real estate, we at Brightlot look further around us. In addition to beautiful and interesting new construction or rental projects, we do not close our eyes to what is going on outside our field. Our planet is having a hard time and we all have our share of it. We do not look away and take this concern seriously. That's why we invest in projects around the world to help our beloved planet.

Thanks to Brightlot, a large number of trees have now been planted in Africa. Most of these in the countries of Madagascar, Mozambique and Kenya. Countries where the consequences of damage to nature are painfully palpable. Endangered species and natural disasters such as extreme heat or rainfall. With Brightlot, we hope to make a modest contribution to the improvement of what is dear to us all through our projects.

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